I would like to share a quote for the start -“the kind you are made is because of the people around you, who are no smarter than you,but it is you who can think smarter and create a big change around the world”.- Steve jobs.

Now this quote shows that no matter what you want to become, from the moment you leave thinking what everyone thinks about you, you will be the smarter one among everyone else.

In my life from the starting till the 11th standard i was all alone on my own. I never knew how to make friends or how to talk to people, basically an introvert,the one who used to keep everything inside themselves. I never knew what socialising or effective communication was and plus I was bad at my subjects and I didn’t like to study it was a burden for me, because of this everyone had only one sentence for me- “you’re a failure and you have no friends because no one likes a failure friend”. that day I thought am I that bad?. I asked my mom and dad crying badly that “why doesn’t anyone like me am I that bad?”. They replied- “everyone is different and have their own talents, but it is you who should know how to show it to them.” From that day I realised that failure isn’t such a bad thing, yes I suffered a lot but also learned how to fight with them. And so you should never think or care about what other people think about you. All you have to do is face the problems bravely and always remember that “if you and your parents feel that you’re right then don’t think before taking any step just do it.”

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